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Posted By: NH Dave
21-Jul-00 - 12:19 AM
Thread Name: us navy drinking songs
Subject: Lyr Add: The Lady in Red (Let Her Sleep...)
The version I know is the one in "Song Fest", edited by Dick and Beth Best, which is still available for MUCH more than its original couple buck price on the various book finder sites.

T'was a cold winter's evening
The guests were all leaving
O'Leary was closing the bar.
When he turned and he said
To the lady in red,
"Get out! You can't stay where you are."

She shed a stray tear
In her bucket of beer
As she thought of the cold night ahead
When a gentleman dapper
Stepped out of booth
And these are the words that he said.


Her mother never told her
The things that young girls ought to know
About the ways of college men
And how they come and go..(mostly go)
Age has taken her beauty
And sin has left its sad scar
Remember your mothers and sisters, boys
And let her sleep under the bar.. (next to the gin)

I've Got Sixpence can be found in "Rise Up Singing" from Sing Out. As far as other military songs go, look for military or the specific war in The Digital Tradition Database, or for songs from Viet Nam, sung by other services do a global search for Dick Jonas, a former 8th Tac Fighter Wing pilot and both writer and collector of many songs of dubious value...except they said exactly what we meant at the time.

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