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29-Apr-09 - 01:50 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Old Brown's Daughter (from Peter Bellamy)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Old Brown's Daughter (from Peter Bellamy)
Sure it's by Johnny Burke? You can find sheet music for it at the John Hopkins Levy site, Box 048, Item 055, which says "Written & composed by G.W. Hunt". Burke published many songs besides his own in his paper.

From the Levy scan:


There lives an ancient party / At the other end of town,
He keeps a little grocery shop / His ancient name is Brown!
He's got an only duaghter, / Such a party I ne'er saw,
By jingo I should like to be / The Old Chap's son-in-law.

|: [For] Old Brown's daughter's a proper sort of girl,
Old Brown's daughter's as fair as any pearl,
I wish I was an Astor, or some such heavy Twirl,
I'm blow'd if I wouldn't marry Old Brown's girl. :|

2. Old Brown now he sells very nearly / Every thing you'd please,
Treacle, soap, and bundles of wood, / Lolly pops, and cheese;
His daughter minds the shop, / It's a treat to see her serve;
I'd like to run away with her, / But I havn't got the nerve.

3. Poor Old Brown he's very often / Troubled with the gout,
He 'grumbles' in the little parlor, / When he can't get out;
Then I go and make a purchase, / O! and when she hands the change,
That gal makes me feel gal-vanized, / I feels so very strange.

4. Miss Brown she smiles so sweetly, / When I makes a tender pun,
But Old Brown says that she shall wed, / A millionaire or none;
But I don't think as ever / One of them swells I shall be?
But by jingo next election / I shall put up for M. C.

SPOKEN.__I shall then get in the HOUSE wich is only next door to the SENATE "Who'll vote for Scroggings."__"Scroggings for REPRESENTATIVE "Scroggings for ever!"   "Scroggings the working man's friend"__Down with taxes and up with Scroggings" "Scroggings votes for everything. I think I'd stand a chance any how I shouldnt be the only muff in the House__and then I should be the happy owner of__CHORUS.

[From the cover:]
Written & composed by G. W. Hunt.
Lee & Walker, Philadelphia, 922 Chestnut St.
W.H. Boner & Co., 1102 Chestnut St.
Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston
A & S Nordheimer, Toronto, CA
Chas W Harris, New York