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Posted By: Fortunato
21-Jul-00 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: Country chord question
Subject: RE: Country chord question
Jofield, I think of chord additions or substitutions, or passing chords in a simple country song as 'arranging the song'. E.G., I play an arrangement of Hank Williams "You Win Again" that includes a 2 chord. (I think I heard it from my first 45, one by Jerry Lee Lewis on the back of "Great Balls of Fire" while a child. The version I heard by Hank just didn't sound right without it to me.) So I announce the 2 chord before beginning the song in a unrehearsed situation. To my ear if the 2 chord doesn't change the melody so much as augment it. Frankly I can't hear a 2-minor in Fraulein, but I might if you sang it to me. In short if the chord addition or substitution augments or 'betters' the song in your ear then it is arrangement, not right or wrong. In my opinion. regards, Fortunato