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Posted By: MikeofNorthumbria
01-May-09 - 02:10 PM
Thread Name: What is 'feral folk music'?
Subject: RE: What is 'feral folk music'?
Hi glueman!

You may be right - so far I have had no experience of the music Sinister is making, and the fierce anti-commercialism you speak of could well be genuine.

However ... in the past, ambitious performers seeking to acquire "cult status" in the media have been known to affect an anti-commerical pose. Such a gesture appeals to self-proclaimed music connoisseurs who like to confirm their "outsider" credentials by extravagantly praising (allegedly) non-commercial acts. Yet if these "cult" performers do somehow happen to reach bigger audiences, they rarely decline the big bucks that follow. Which enables their "cult" fans to get an extra buzz out of rejecting them for "selling out". Which provides something for music journalists to write about, and fans to argue about. Which all helps to keep the wheels of the music biz turning.

So, my cynical assumption was that "feral folk" might have been launched by performers with similar aspirations. After all, advertising yourself as the creator of an exciting new genre can help to establish (or expand) a cult following. Of course I could be mistaken - this has been known before! - in which case, my apologies to all concerned.