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Posted By: jofield
21-Jul-00 - 08:26 PM
Thread Name: Country chord question
Subject: RE: Country chord question
I remember the Jerry Lee version of "You Win Again" very well -- I was a teenager. With his rolling piano, and the way he drags out "you take true lo-oo-ve", there has to be 2-chord in there. Hank uses a more traditional two-step, and I don't miss the 2-chord at all when it's done that way.
In general, I'm agin extra minor passing chords in country tunes -- anything that sounds schmaltzy gets in the way of the blues and is a detraction to me. To see how out of hand this can get, check out Mac Wiseman's little minor tag on his version of "Jimmy Brown the Newsboy".
And speaking of that tried and true R&B progression, which I remember as: 1,6-minor,4,5 -- this happens to work for me for the first part of Jimmy Rodger's "Carolina Sunshine Girl".
"(C)Moon, (Am)moon, (F)I can see you (G7)sinking (C)low,(Am)
(F)You make me (G7)think of my (C)sweetheart (Am),
The (D)little girl that I love (G7)so.", etc.
Who woulda thunk it?