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Posted By: Charley Noble
05-May-09 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: Michigan Musically Revisited (2009)
Subject: RE: Michigan Musically Revisited (2009)
Here's another favorite of mine from Joel Mabus which deals with the awkward moments by which one gains life experience:

©1992 Joel Mabus
originally on the album Short Stories

My first car... was little and yellow and rusty as a bucket, it was
My first car... my first feel of a real live automobile.
Fill 'er up with oil and check the gas,
Step on the pedal - let everybody pass.
It didn't go fast or far; it was my first car.

My first drink... was down in the basement with my buddies, it was
My first first time with a sweet red bottle of wine.
Taste so funny, just made me grin,
Laugh so hard till the room began to spin -
And it wound up in the sink - it was my first drink.

First times ain't the best times - Sometimes they're the worst.
But if times are gonna get better - There's always got to be a first.

My first kiss... was out on the back porch with my neighbor, it was
My first kiss... my first taste of a teen-age, feminine lip.
She closed her eyes, I closed mine,
Our hearts beat fast as our young arms entwined -
Then her braces chipped my tooth - it was my first smooch.

My first gig... a nineteen-seventies college-town restaurant -
My first gig... sing all night for a meal and a ten dollar bill.
The crowd was loud - they couldn't care less -
Just made a lot of noise and stupid-ass requests -
Alice Cooper was big - at my first gig.

And if this here is the first time you've ever heard me sing,
Well, stick around - it might get better - First times don't mean a thing.

Charley Noble