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22-Jul-00 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Just a Joke
Subject: RE: BS: Just a Joke
a man walks into a bar and says to the bartender "ive no money but im really thirsty. if i show you my amazing dancing frog will you let me have a pint?" the bartender is a bit sceptical but he agrees to consider it if the frog is really that amazing. so the man fishes into his pocket and pulls out this frog which he places on to the bar. suddenly the frog jumps up and gives an amazing rendition of the can-can followed by a jig with a condensed ballet solo to finish. the bartender is so amazed he lets the man have a free pint. but then the man says "well im still thirsty, and youve already seen my frog, so how about i show you my amazing singing duck for another pint?" the bartender is a bit worryed about giving away beer free but he was so amazed by the frog he agrees. the man fishes about in his bag and pulls out a small green duck which he places on the bar next to the frog. suddenly the bar is filled with the most beautiful singing that the bartender has ever heard. about half an hour later it finally finishes and, wiping the tears from his eyes, the bartender gives the man 2 free pints, because he was even more impressed by the duck than the frog. not only that but everyone else in the bar is so overcome with emotion they all order extra beers for themselves and the man. later that evening the bartender takes the man aside and begs him to sell him the duck. the man ponders for a while and then says, "well alright then, you can have it for £100" the bartender gets the money straight away, grabs the duck from the bar and immediatly closes in order to get rid of the man before he changes his mind. another bloke who had seen all this came up to the first man and said "you fool! that duck could have made you millions and you just sold it!" to which the man replies " its all right, the frogs a ventriloquist."