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Posted By: johnadams
09-May-09 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
Subject: RE: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.

The events are London based because thats where the venue is. EFDSS doesn't run events outside London because it hasn't got a venue or a budget to do that. It would also duplicate what others are doing anyway.

The national dimension of EFDSS is surely publishing (which is international as well) and partnership projects. The publishing projects are quite well advertised and seem to be attracting steady long term sales. The partnership and education projects are advertised regionally, where they are most relevant, and reported nationally by the means I identified above - leaflet, web, email, magazine, and mailout. As I said, events tend to get noticed more because they get refreshed more. The 2+ year life of the single, high level funded Take 6 project will see scores of events at the House go past during the same period, yet they will possibly impact on the same number of people.

But if you mean a national awareness campaign, banging the drum about our national projects, maybe some people would be in favour of it but as I said, I prefer the quiet approach of putting energy and funds into getting on with it and recruiting long term consolidated support by amassing a portfolio of well completed projects which demonstrate long term strength and commitment. Those projects generate their own support for the society's work but probably more from the general public, children, teachers and local folk animateurs rather than the folk enthusiasts.

The present council and future marketing director may see things differently of course.


The House can be a local venue (same as Ryburn 3 Step have local venues) and it can be a centre as well. As a centre it needs to serve a visiting clientele (whether from abroad as suggested by Alan Day, or from the provinces for high profile events like the RVW celebration or from just down the road for a Tuesday workshop, at which point it's just their local venue).

And it needs to make stuff available globally (web shop/mail order, online library catalogues, information services). I don't think that marketing these developing activities is particularly difficult - it just needs a competent person to take on the job - hence the advert.

People seem to be making more of this than it actually is. The society appears to be improving bit by bit and thanks are due to those people who are continuing to make it happen. They have my support.