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Posted By: johnadams
10-May-09 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
Subject: RE: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
The EFDSS web site is being completely overhauled right now and the new one will allow staff to do daily updates of the news.

There is a new web shop which went up last week and replaces the one I put into operation when I had the responsibility. The web shop has been a success over the last three or four years. Until last week every sale and delivery notification was reported to me via email and I have a full knowledge of the EFDSS customer base which extends across the globe. That knowledge will obviously fade now as others pick up the reins but I expect he new marketing director will find it a useful starting point,

I can say that with a couple of exceptions, every order was turned round by the staff within 1 working day, which is what web customers expect in this day and age. I see occasional comments on here wondering what the staff 'do all day' - I can answer that - they work exceedingly hard at a mountain of routine work and still find the time to talk to people who ring in with queries about the folk scene in general (sometimes expecting the staff will all have an encyclopaedic of the entire folk scene).

A new full time member of staff with good managerial experience will be yet another positive step forward for the Society, but it won't immediately solve all the problems of a hard pressed charity operating in a recession. The Society will still need volunteers in the House and in the many other supporting roles ( and where we're going to find someone to take over the work of our dear departed friend Malcolm Douglas I really don't know, but it will happen and things will get done - in their own good time).

Folkopedia continues to grow slowly although the number of regular contributors is quite small and we could do with more. Now I've stepped back a bit from the EFDSS governance and am also about to retire from academia I can return to my key projects of Folkopedia, Village Music Project and the Paul Graney audio archive.

Getting back to the EFDSS web site, I've seen it go through 3 major overhauls and the fourth is imminent. Most people accept that maintaining web sites is time consuming and/or costly and there's always a better one around the corner. The EFDSS site is much better than it was and guess what, there's a better one round the corner.

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