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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
10-May-09 - 08:33 AM
Thread Name: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
Subject: RE: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
OOH!   I could do that! :0)

I'd get Show of Hands and Seth Lakeman in, fill the place up with vibrant music and vibrant it would be an absolute doddle!

Oozles of Enthusiam bursting forth all over the place, inspiring those who've never heard of Cecil Sharpley Hoose to come racing to the door!

And as for the shop, well, I could fill that up with posters of the Shropshire Bedlams (swooooon) and Fishermen's Friends (11 swooooons!)
Demons and Bellowheads and all sorts of wonderful stuff...T shirts and car stickers, books and CDs, posters and roasters and things that go bump nonny noo in the middle of the night...

It'd become the most popular attraction in the whole of London City...

But wait...

Me doesn't have a degree, nor an underdegree, not even a degree under me...nor a graduate, or a graduation, save for the graduation in colour from Beige Music to Colourful Music...a Dulux Coloured Plethora of sight and sound, spilling out of Cecile TooSharpley House and out into the bowels of London Town, lighting up the sky! to leave it to the Moaning Minnies to sort out, then it can still be spoken of in hallowed terms and filled with concerts from 'their own' which not a great deal of people will attend....

I'll open a new Folk & Acoustic Cafe, across the road...No Degrees Allowed...where everyone can sing in whatever accent they love best.