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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
10-May-09 - 10:07 AM
Thread Name: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
Subject: RE: Marketing the EFDSS - Job going.
You'd not drag me over the threshold of the place...sorry mate.

Jim Moray? Nope, I won't go to a gig of his, not until Jim works out that to join in denying Freedom of Speech to people is wrong. It ain't rocket science. He's been taken over by the MM's. very sad.
Sorry Jim, but I'm still fuming over that. I do however, accept apologies that are sincerely meant.

Folknacious, why don't you get yourself a good dollop of humour? I doubt you'd find much of it at Cecil Sharply though..could be wrong of course. for this:

"...because as ever you have no f***ing idea what you are talking about!..."

Wanna bet? I could write things about this music that would make *you* froth at the mouth with rage, but it'd make thousands of people froth at the mouth with eager anticipation to discover a music so beautiful. Sadly, some of those who inhabit, and er..perform at Cecil Sharply, have taken it upon themselves to ensure that I don't get to write about it in the very place that drew more people in than any other, once upon a time.

So, I gave up writing about it.

May I suggest you stick your little head up your little traddie arse and keep your own mouth shut? could go over to the BBC board and join in the thread I started over there about whether folk music is living or dying, the most popular thread in AGES...sadly, I can't join in, despite starting the bloody thing. But, such is what some of the inhabitants of Cecil Sharply so desire..

Thank oo so much.

Yup, I know Joe..."Lizzie, you're not welcome in this thread any longer" infinitum.

......and so...the music went back to being hidden.