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Posted By: gillymor
23-Jul-00 - 07:49 AM
Thread Name: Your unfavourite session tunes?
Subject: RE: Your unfavourite session tunes?
Some Godhead may strike me down for saying this but if I never hear Farther Along or Circle be Unbroken at our winter song circles again I won't get too upset (also our traditional closer Goodnight Irene). All great songs, just too damn familiar.
Also Whiskey 'fore Breakfast and Red Haired Boy are starting to lose their luster for me but as long as one person is getting off on them I say let it fly.
I still love Danny Boy in spite of all the terrible things that I've heard done to it in Irish-style pubs here in the states. It seems like everyone of these establishments with a band at some point during the evening has the owner up and/or some of the more prodigious quaffers to render (flagellate) it. Hearing a snippet of a woozy Shane McGowan sing it in a pub on a PBS special concerning the song kind of renewed my affection for it.