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Posted By: SINSULL
12-May-09 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: Why is this board so unpleasant?
Subject: RE: Why is this board so unpleasant?
If you give specifics, glueman, someone might be able to answer. In general, I avoid the threads and/or unpleasant posts and go about my business. Piss me off and I can get very nasty.

You, I understand, play the banjo, which earns you at least ten Get Out Of Jail Free cards. Banjo players are sexier...look it up in the threads.

To give you a serious answer, there are some who thrive on drama and arguments. After a while you will find yourself glossing over their posts because you will know it is unlikely that there is anything there you want to read. They are in the minority but as in life, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and often it is very difficult to allow their attacks to go unanswered. Choose your battles and your threads carefully.

The majority here are decent people who know how to discuss a subject and disagree with your ideas without bringing your mother and assorted ancestors and body parts into it.

Hope that helps.