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Posted By: Slag
12-May-09 - 07:53 PM
Thread Name: Why is this board so unpleasant?
Subject: RE: Why is this board so unpleasant?
I've found that there is a continuing improvement, overall, of the tenor and demeanor of most posters here, including myself! I agree though that when logic and fact run short the as hominem attacks sometimes increase, which is unfortunate. There is a lot of good natured pot shotting that goes on but that is just inside stuff and you soon learn that it is a mostly friendly give and take going on. This is a GREAT site and if you can over look the occasional nastiness I'm sure you will enjoy it. And you can believe me. I often hold an opposition view to the political bent of most posters here but I give as well as I take. Politics and religion aside, were all just folks.