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Posted By: open mike
12-May-09 - 11:51 PM
Thread Name: Why is this board so unpleasant?
Subject: RE: Why is this board so unpleasant?
i have met many people here who i treasure
i am sorry you find it unpleasent here..

if you want to avoid opinions, i suggest
keeping to the threads above the line,

the ones in the B.S. section often
contain personal points of view...

i recall when training to become a
hospital volunteer we were cautioned
to steer clear of religion and politics

and other topics that might spark debate.

if what you said was this:
"The Eden of pure folk is comical, academically suspect, clubbishly thin skinned, impossibly rarified, outrageously snobbish."

you should have expected some folkies to be on the defensive.

if you put out sugar, the humming birds come...
shit, on the other hand, draws other flying creatures...

and, as to the rice cooker debate, perhaps that person,
a cooker of rice, considered the comments pointed at him (her?)

i find that any good pan with a lid serves as a rice cooker.