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Posted By: Richard Bridge
13-May-09 - 04:05 AM
Thread Name: Why is this board so unpleasant?
Subject: RE: Why is this board so unpleasant?
Crow Sister, you put that apostrophe there on purpose, didn't you? Admit it!

In Gg's defence he did say elsewhere that he needed to spend time on his writing - a work that had, he said, been promised to his publisher. That may be why he has stirred and vanished.

Not in his defence it seems to me that he has come to a blues and folk music board, and, while I am not sure what he has posted here about the blues, everything of his posting that springs to mind about folk appears intended to deny its existence as a kind of music, to assert that it is no different from any other music, or sometimes that all light and not very amplified music is folk music. I can only speculate on the fact that his initials approximate to a rendering of a childish name for a horse, but if he came here specifically to advance the horse definition that would be a jolly jape, would it not?

He has been somewhat attacked and criticised on many of the recent "what is folk" threads, but, I think, legitimately (and by this I intend to go further than "understandably"), in that his purpose on them seems to be to criticise a particular definition of "folk music" on irrelevant grounds couched in condescending language, yet to propose no improvement nor any alternative workable definition. So far I have detected in him no intent to improve, only to harm.

He is not, however, in the same ball park for nastiness as the original Gargoyle, Martin Gibson, Clinton Hammond, or even (when she is being spiky or worse, rather than informative, which she can be) the Countess, nor as rambling as the Shambles or Mad Lizzie, nor such an offensive racist as Bubblyrat or Riginslinger, nor as difficult to read as Captain Birdseye or sIr jOhN oF hUlL (both of whom I think of as in general positive contributors), nor as threatening as some of the IRA supporters.

Perhaps he will offer us something worthwhile in due course.