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Posted By: RiGGy
13-May-09 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: Riggy Rackin CD: Somewhere in Between
Subject: ADD: Moss (Ernie Noyes)
Thank YOU, Joe, for that !!
You asked in a pm for me to fill any blanks, so here goes :

Downloads are available at:
Download Somewhere in Between

The only song I see that wasn't linked to lyrics was Ernie's song:

(Ernie Noyes)

I have no roots, I grow everywhere
I hold the earth and I feed the deer
I have no words but what you give me
My thoughts and feelings are the same
Born of the earth and wind
The sunlight and the rain

I'm not a plant, nor am I a stone
I follow the sun and I'm always at home
I'm not the top or the bottom
No, I'm somewhere in between
Where the stone and waters meet
An endless beginning . . .