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27-Feb-97 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: Hey Teach'! (Do you use the Digital Tradition?)
Subject: RE: Hey Teach'!
Yikes! OK here goes it: My name is Marla Archer-Brinkmoeller. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of Manistee Universal FreeNet (MUFN) for the last couple of years. I, as are others I have recomemded DT to, have been impressed, to say the least, with the ammount of info in this data base. And if anyone can't find it in the database...all they have to do is post a message here, and there is almost always some one who will 'help them out,' as it were. Beyond that, I have found it not just 'user friendly' but, what perhaps amazes me most is it's appeal to school-aged, computer literate kids!!! In fact I am doing a 'show' kind of thing at a charter school here in Michigan in two weeks, and the plan is to gather the kid(grades 1 thru 50 around a PC and let them play the keyboard... and where else but.... DT's own Mudcat Cafe. So keep it clean, y'll & wave at Kiddies! Thanks, marla