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Posted By: Charley Noble
16-May-09 - 01:36 PM
Thread Name: Michigan Musically Revisited (2009)
Subject: RE: Michigan Musically Revisited (2009)
Here's one of Kitty Donohoe's best known songs, covered by Sally Rogers and others:

(Kitty Donohue ©
Recorded on Farmer in Florida)

Me and my good wife spent most of our lives
Together workin' God's earth so others could eat.
It's the way that I chose it and Harriet knows it
That she don't regret it, her life has been complete.
But now our kids have grown, left the coutry for another home
In the city where there's livin' they say to get things done.
So Harriet she dried her tears, says we've been here for thirty years,
Now it's our turn to get out and have us some fun.


But there ain't nothin' for a farmer in Florida
When his heart is still planting wheat fields back home, O Lord.

Loaded our pick-up truck, changed our address and packed up
Told our old friends good bye and we drove away.
Now we live in a tin can, I feel like another man
Goin' to movies on the weekend and playing cribbage all day.
But Harriet she's in her prime, doing something all the time
With the ladies on our street she sees every day.
Sometimes when I'm walking alone, see those big birds flying home
For the summer, I could just jump up and sail away. (REF)

Charley Noble