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Posted By: SDShad
24-Jul-00 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Just a Joke
Subject: RE: BS: Just a Joke
...twenty bucks, same as in town!

...that sheep is a feckin' liar!'s just they've rung up from the pub this morning, and you've left your wheelchair again.

...light a match and I'll drive my truck out.

...hey, MacLeod, get off of my ewe!

...I'm jusht fine. Now, where'sh th'lady with the tooth?

...I was just fine until I wanted to go home and asked somebody where the bus lepot was. (hee hee--gotta love Sioux humor....)

...oh, that's not hamburger, dear, Daddy has leprosy and he's waving goodbye.... (the single most disgusting joke I know)