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Posted By: Marje
19-May-09 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: Cornish Nightingale
Subject: Cornish Nightingale
The "Cornish Nightingale" song ("My sweetheart, come along...") was mentioned in another thread, and it's prompted me to ask this: can this be a Cornish song? Because my understanding is that there are no nightingales in Cornwall, and there were none found there in a survey about 100 years ago (and, come to that, very few in Devon).
I'm wondering whether:
a) it relates to a different bird and has been wrongly translated from the Cornish tongue, or
b) it's from a very old source, and perhaps there were once nightingales in Cornwall? or
c) it's not a Cornish song at all and was written by someone from elsewhere in England and attributed to Cornwall?

Anyone out there with enough knowledge of both folklore and ornithology to enlighten me?