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Posted By: catspaw49
19-May-09 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Letterman Show-Schwab/Redpath - youtube avail now
Subject: RE: A reason to watch the Tonight Show
AC....Yes, the same. Jay and Molly used to perform here at a "Spoleto-like" festival every summer and I had the privilege of listening to them in an old and restored country church. A beautiful grand had been brought in and in that small venue Jacqueline Scwab's ability and her wondrous touch was even more accentuated and beautiful than on any recording or Burns special.

I loved all those and I love Ungar and Mason but listenning to Jackie Scwab was far and away the highlight. There are times when her touch is so light that you aren't sure whether you heard the notes from the piano or that she magically wished them into the air.

Yes people.....SHE IS THAT GOOD!

If you have never heard this woman play, be sure you catch the show...hell, tape it or whatever.....Don't miss it.