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Posted By: The Walrus
24-Jul-00 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Just a Joke
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Just after World War II, a sergeant in the one of the Guards regiments was comining up to retirement so he requested an interview with the Colonel. "Request permission to take my rifle with me when I retire" "Why?" Asked the Colonel "Well Sir, I've carried it on sentry go out side Buck House, It went with me to France in '39 and I brought it out at Dunkirk, it went back with me on D Day and I carried it al the way through to VE Day and now I'm retiring, I'd like it as a souvenir" The Colonel promisied to look into the matter and two weeks later, the Sergeant was up in front of the Colonel again, to be told that, on payment of a small sum and acquiring a firearms licence his request would be granted,he duly paid up, sucessfully applied for his licence and shortly after that, retired, the owner of a former service rifle. Two days after his retirement, the sergeants wife saw him building a small plinth right in the centre of their garden, he carefully built a pair of cradles in the top of the plinth, reverently placed the rifle in the cradles, carefully cemented the rifle into place,stepped back and said "Now you bastard...RUST !"