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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
23-May-09 - 05:28 AM
Thread Name: Culture doesn't include Trad Music
Subject: RE: Culture doesn't include Trad Music
While I empathise with this personal attachment to the marginal outsider identity of trad. folk song (in particular in this instance), I also feel it is a poor excuse for why there is not greater public and political awareness of, and appreciation of, it's historical presence and continued relevance as a resource to very ordinary people like me.

And whilst I might sympathise with this righteous indignation at a perceived cultural injustice, I also recognise it is just this sort of attitude that will ensure that trad. folk song remains the irrelevance that it most surely is, to the ordinary and the not so ordinary people alike - just as I recognise that it is precisely this sort of attitude that keeps trad. folk song alive at all. Individual & idiosyncratic passion - par for the traddy course & cause!