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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
24-May-09 - 09:34 AM
Thread Name: The New Cornish Songster
Subject: RE: The New Cornish Songster
From 'ruth':

"Very, very clever - but maybe somewhat overtaken by yesterday's events? It always seems a bit crass to kick someone while they are down..."

Whatever made you think I was 'down' ? It is, however, very kind of you to be so considerate, especially to someone who you have called a 'fuckwit' over on the fRoots site. Good to see you've had a change of heart.

Matthew, thank you so much for your song. As you know, it made me smile a great deal. I have absolutely no problems with you, or anyone else singing it, and I would hope that Show of Hands don't either. I love the gentle humour within it. xx

From 'surreysinger'
"However, I think Ruth is right ... its all quiet on the Western Front now ..."

Sometimes, people just get things so wrong, don't they. It's very fitting that you used that term though Irene. I'll tell you for why.

Way back, when Show of Hands CD, 'Witness' had come out, Diane and I were having our usual "It's GREAT!" "It's CRAP!" 'discussion' on the BBC. Shortly after that, SoH's manager came over to me on Myspace, to gently ask if I'd kindly lay low and stop talking about the CD, as they wanted others to judge it for themselves. I was only too pleased to help, and so I said for them not to worry, because from then on it would be 'all quiet on the South Western front'

A short while later, I was sent a message from Steve, via a mutual friend, thanking me for keeping quiet (which he didn't have to do at all, bless him) and saying that those words had given him some thoughts about a new song...

A few months after that, on Steve's first ever solo CD 'Cruel River' the song arrived..and you can read the words of 'All Quiet On The Western Front' right here, on a site which Sam and I made:

'Cruel River'

Cool, the way that happened, huh? :0)

Steve's myspace