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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
28-May-09 - 02:43 PM
Thread Name: Singing while walking down the street
Subject: RE: Singing while walking down the street
In '55 a professor told me he saw me walking down the street talking to myself; oblivious to the idea that this was strange, I asked him what I was talking about. He did not know.
Nice to know cell phones have another use!
kat: No offense taken re "old threads"
   Book is moderately interesting. I will not go to the movie.
Radio: not turned on in years - except to try to hear an interview on Internet. I want to hear what I want to hear.
Whistling is another of my failings: "Whistling girls and cackling hens always come to bad ends" I was told at 18. Well, reckon that was not true either.
I had a black lab who was so sweet, I would sing to him: "A" you're adorable, etc... He would wriggle with delight! Why not the rabbit? I read a news report where a hiker, separated from her group, met a mountain lion on the trail. She sang to it and got past safely.
Sharyn: SING more!
Children singing! At a conference, the kids first, then all ages walked around singing: "I'm unique and irreplaceable (x3) GEE, it's good to be ME!" Fun week!

And if everyone did it????? Maybe it would be a happier world. Maybe we could drown out the traffic noise even. Or just not notice it? Of course, singing different songs in the same house could be interesting, at best.

So, if we are demented, crazy or.... There are enough of us to create a "norm", yes? I intend to sing at least as much with, perhaps, a little less concern about being heard.