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Posted By: Janie
28-May-09 - 10:13 PM
Thread Name: Singing while walking down the street
Subject: RE: Singing while walking down the street
For years I would sing or hum as a worked at my desk or walked along the corridors at work. No one seemed to mind, and I wasn't intrusive with it.   I no longer work in an environment where I can do that unself-consciously. Hubby got the dog in the divorce, but before that, I did some of my best singing during the late night 3 mile walk I took with our dog every night through the residential streets of the little town in which I lived.

Silly story that I might have told on myself before.

I used to drive an old Chevette without a radio or cassette player.   Driving home to West Virginia to visit the parents one weekend, I was getting increasingly irritated by a car that kept passing me on the interstate highway, pull over in front of me, and then gradually slow down until I passed it again.

At some point on the 6 hour drive, I realized I was the culprit. I was singing my way home. On the slow tunes, I was slowing down to as low as 45 mph. On faster tunes, I was speeding up to as fast as 75mph.