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Posted By: BB
05-Jun-09 - 02:53 PM
Thread Name: To introduce songs, or not, and how?
Subject: RE: To introduce songs, or not, and how?
Rifleman, I said right at the beginning of this thread, "Introductions are not for all people, circumstances or venues, but they have their place, and with skilled introductions can make a real difference to people's perceptions."

Even with tunes, it's *sometimes* interesting to know where they came from or the circumstances of their writing, although probably not in as much detail as you gave above! Perhaps just to say that it's a medley that Fairport put together is enough for most audiences. Personally, I quite like to know if it's a tune that's been written for a particular occasion like a wedding, or written by someone whose name I might know, or comes from a particular area of the country, or whatever. It doesn't *have* to be a lecture or even more than a few words, but it can put a tune in context, in the same way it can for a song, which can make it more interesting than just a string of tunes.

Horses for courses again.