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Posted By: Little Hawk
06-Jun-09 - 01:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Of course he's my hero. Bill rises above all this sort of thing with the effortless grace of only those few who have played the game of life to its fullest, mastered it, and risen to a perspective where nothing can throw them any longer. I know Bill has done that, therefore I have no fear of how this sort of humour might affect him. Do you know he has an anecdote in the book "Get a Life!" where an African elephant shits on his head when he sticks it out of his tent to see what's happening? I kid you not. And he sees the humour in that, although he found it very hard to see at the time it happened...but his wife thought it was just hilarious...until she realized that he would necessarily have to remain in the same tent with her for the rest of the night!

Then there was the time he tried to rescue a black and white cat that he'd clipped with the wheel of his 4 x 4. It turned out to be a skunk, just momentarily stunned, and it revived, gave him both barrels and flounced off. He sees humour in that now too. William Shatner is a man who knows how to get a laugh at his own expense.