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Posted By: SDShad
07-Jun-09 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: To introduce songs, or not, and how?
Subject: RE: To introduce songs, or not, and how?
"Performers - do you see yourself as doing and ACT?

If yes, then you're probably going to have a rehearsed intro. The problem is that if someone comes to see you again quite soon afterwards. it's going to be so obvious you're an act from the scripted repetition."

Not necessarily. If you "act" is "moody, antisocial, introspective jazz genius," you're going to play your trumpet facing away from the audience and never say a bloody thing to 'em. And your name is going to be Miles Davis. :-)

And, in the other direction, having some sort of pre-planned intro to give before a song that deserves one doesn't prove that you're up to that for-some-reason-dreaded-and-dratted practice of "doing an act." It might just mean that you think a lot about your material, and figure it'll come across richer to the audience if you tell them something about it first.

Me, I was a debater in high school, so it's second nature to have something I've at least rehearsed in my head before the gig to say before some songs, although at other times it'll occur to me to just come up with strings of words on the spot when it seems warranted. Life ain't one-size-fits-all, but guess which kind of intro comes across as more "together." :-)