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Posted By: Azizi
07-Jun-09 - 09:37 PM
Thread Name: Donkey Riding - What's Hong-ki-kong?
Subject: RE: Donkey Riding - What's Hong-ki-kong?
And for the record (in case someone was going to point out that I'm not the only Person of Color on Mudcat now) , I know there is at least one other Person of Color on Mudcat at the present time who has publicly acknowledged that he is a Person of Color. I also know of two other Mudcatters who have privately indicated to me that they are Black. It's their decision whether they want to share this information in the public forum or not. IMO, race/ethnicity often adds context to a person's comments. I'm speaking as an amateur folklorist who believes in gathering race/ethnicity demographics as well as age, gender, geographical location, and date. Some people may not agree with this position. "Different stokes for different folks."