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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
09-Jun-09 - 02:32 AM
Thread Name: Show of Hands on BBC Jeremy Vine
Subject: RE: Show of Hands on BBC Jeremy Vine
Good Morning, Sweetums,

May I suggest that you take on the redundant journalist above, for your acerbic newspaper. I'm thrilled to see you've finally been given a job reporting again, in the Borchester Echo, albeit in a fictional capacity.

Perhaps you could do an issue on the hardships being suffered right now, in the countryside around Borchester, by those living the country life, who have no jobs, no means of *reliable* transport into the bigger towns or cities to *get* jobs, no money to afford taxis, no hope of ever living in the rural communities where their families may have lived for generations. Could you also be sure to mention about the loneliness of the elderly, who no longer even have their Post Office or Village Shop to go into each day, to get their money, buy their food and generally be amongst people, which used to give them a sense of community, of life, of having people around them.

And then, perhaps you could interview musicians who are writing songs about said subject. You'll find some informationn which may be helpful on some of the links above.