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Posted By: mauvepink
11-Jun-09 - 07:43 AM
Thread Name: Moon Landing Songs
Subject: Moon Landing Songs
My recent thread on singer/songwriters was actually prompted by my trying to write a song to celebrate next months 40th Anniversary of the first moon landing. I think this event is arguably one of mankind's greatest achievments and actually feel sad that 'we' never went back. Some would argue it was a waste of money and effort. They are entitled to their opinions, of course, but it shows what can be done when everyone is centered on an ideal. I digress...

I cannot find any songs that truly reflect the great event and it seems Folk Music would be a natural outlet for such a tale of heroism and all the devil deeds of daring it took to get Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking in the very aptly named Mare Tranquillitatis (The Sea of Tranquility) whilst their colleague, Michael Collins, orbited our nearest neighbour in space.

Off they went on the 16th July 1969, finally landing on 21st and returning home to Earth on 24th. Mankind has made some epic voyages and discoveries in its history but could anything compare to this? I guess all great voyages and discoveries are equal in many ways but there is something about Project Apollo that lights fires me equivalent to seeing a tall ship flash by or when reading about Columbus, Darwin and Jesus' life (as instances).

Where are all the songs? Does anyone know of any? Can our wonderful singer/songwriters rise to a challenge of writing a song that celebrates this momentous point in history? Forty years... where have they gone? The planet seems still at war in many ways but just for a moment the whole world gasped and were togther as the "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" took place

I will try and write something, if only a poem, but will attempt to put music to it as well. Anyone else up for a try? Can anyone guide me to any songs? Thank you for any help