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11-Jun-09 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: Moon Landing Songs
Subject: RE: Moon Landing Songs
Alas I cannot load up music on my dialup so I will miss that Furey's link BUT thank you for pointing me to it. How contrasting the two songs are lyrically of those posted so far ("Armstrong" and "Higer & Higher")

I know the earth was in disarray. It still is. We still have starving millions and poor countries left dying. That has not changed over history, except the means to do it, and yes it is all very sad.

I wonder if the space programme money was put into those countries how many would be saved and how many helped by the millions of dollars. In honesty, although I know it was a space race in a cold war era, I still find it awe inspiring what man can acheive when they get together for the good. What remarkable words in "Armstrong".

Every journey has to start with a single step and this was our first step off away into the universe. The right and wrongs I have no idea about. I think it was right to do it but I respect the other view too. For a few seconds the world held its breath in unison, whilst I realise some took their last breaths too in those moments, but anything that gets us to be as one has to be good?

I live in hope. Considering how many songs are dedicated to war, murder, pillage and all sorts of mayhem, it still surprises me that more moon songs were not done and that the 40th anniversary is creeping up on us already.

Thanks for all the posts so far.

The one thing that convinces me above all things that we did go there is that there is no way the Russians of the time would have allowed a con so big to be pulled by the USA. They would have known it was fake if it had been. But then 'we' never did go there... just a few men did.

Simon. Great idea! I'll think about that one.

Fellow citizens of folk and the Earth... keep your thoughts coming :-)