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Posted By: Azizi
13-Jun-09 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Early in the Mornin' (prison work song)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Prison Work Song
Who knew tracking down lyrics could be so much fun & lead to learning so much & that there are so many others like me! ;o)

Welcome to Mudcat, Yoda/Judy. There's a number of people here we also love to discuss the sources of songs, track down lyrics, and discuss the meanings of those lyrics. You are among friends!

I'm sorry that I've nothing to contribute regarding that particular song-having never heard it. But as someone who sometimes post lengthy comments, I wanted to let you know that the length of your 12 Jun 09 - 11:24 AM comment was fine.

As an aside, when I write short or lengthy posts, I like to break up the comments in short paragraphs like I'm doing here. Sometimes I also add asterisks ** in between paragraphs that are about somewhat different but related comments-like I'll do below. I suppose these different subject comments can submitted as different posts. And sometimes I posts them separately which-IMO-is kinda cheating because I'm trying to achieve a critical mass of posts which-I've found-some new threads (which don't have hot/timely titles) before other Mudcat members and guests will sit up and take notice to that thread. I think the critical number is about #7 (but it could be as short as #5). t


Yoda/Judy, you asked "Is it fair to post lyrics I've found from other sources on the Internet?" It's done all the time here as long as you credit that Internet source, preferably with a hyperlink (which we here refer to as "blue clickies". If you know how to copy & paste, then making hyperlinks is easy. Just put your mouse (if you still use a mouse-I still don't know how to use my laptop without one)over the web address (URL) at the top of the web page you want to copy, and then click "copy". Click the "make a link (blue clicky)feature found at the bottom of this box, and follow the easy instructions that pop up.

Also, Yoda/Judy, be careful about submitting post with just the name "Guest". As per new rules at this site, guests (and members who aren't signed in) have to add a name to that Guest title, or their posts may be deleted.

Best wishes,

Ms. Azizi-from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, city of champions!!