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Posted By: Howard Jones
14-Jun-09 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: Sing Out! vs. the blind
Subject: RE: Sing Out! vs. the blind
"The fact that Mark would try to tout that makes me wonder about his qualifications and motivations."

A number of people have commented how easy it is to make things accessible with a bit of know-how. However, although it may come as a surprise to those with some technical knowledge, many people don't have that know-how.

Within my office I am considered something of an IT expert, since I am fairly confident with computers and capable of looking at a help file or googling if I have a problem. However I was completely baffled by Jack Campin's references to ALT and HTML tags earlier in the thread. Many people who are perfectly capable of using a computer to do certain things are completely lost when it comes to technical matters.

I have created a couple of simple websites using the software provided by my ISP. Are they accessible? I have no idea, and no idea how to go about making them accessible if they're not.

I suspect that Mark has no "qualifications" in this field, and his "motivation" was simply to keep up with the times by publishing an on-line version of his print magazine, using the same software as many other titles. If you look at Zinio's website you will see that they publish a great many titles in a wide range of fields. So if Sing Out are at fault, they are not alone.

I'm not trying to belittle the importance of access for the visually impaired. However (assuming the boycott is genuine, which seems to be in doubt) I suspect that Sing Out will think twice about any future online enhancements if this is the result.   

My personal view is that these facsimile online versions of printed magazines are virtually unreadable on a screen, so I'm not sure the visually-impaired are in much worse a position than the rest of us :)