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Posted By: Stewie
14-Jun-09 - 09:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Yellow Like Van Gogh (Kieran Halpin)
Subject: Lyr Add: YELLOW LIKE VAN GOGH (Kieran Halpin)
(Kieran Halpin)

Grandad built the Empire State and saw the Wall Street crash
He came back in forty nine with lots of Yankee cash
I only saw a photograph, he'd shaved of his moustache
A tall man with a walking stick, a white suit and a hat

The teacher gave me six with first the leather then the cane
Willie broke my arm at playtime; he didn't like my name
I really don't remember why, I was afraid to ask
They took me to the hospital, they made a plaster cast

They wouldn't bury baby Oliver, it might upset the priest
So they laid him in a footpath in a graveyard in O'Meath
Brother Brendan tried to kiss me in a dark blue transit van
I was fifteen, I was scared, I cursed him as I ran

You looked down on me and laughed at me and all my petty fears
You tell me I exaggerate as we count down the years
While you circle like a vulture, you sank the dagger low
You did black like Edward Manet, yellow like Van Gogh

I was taught to always hate the bad guys in the past
Now the bad guys and the good guys seem to wear a similar mask
There are madmen in the Whitehouse and terrorists next door
I really don't know who to trust or who to vote for any more

There are earthquakes in Sumatra, tsunamis felling trees
Greenhouse gases melt the polar ice caps to the seas
There's corruption in the UN and the EU's wasting cash
The king is seeding clouds in Thailand to make the rain come back

Chorus X2

Source: transcription from Keiran Halpin 'A Box of Words and Tunes'

Evidently, Keiran now sings 'There were madmen in the Whitehouse'