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Posted By: Stewie
14-Jun-09 - 09:28 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Mallard (Harvey Andrews)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE MALLARD (Harvey Andrews)
(Harvey Andrews)

I still remember how we played together, now
You in the water and me on the land
I'd call and you'd follow me, people would smile at us
Taking their pictures of you in my hand
There in the city, a park we could stay in
A pool you could swim in, an island for home
Young ones each summer, you raised to the water
Then stayed for the cold as they left you alone

You were my beauty, my peace and my pleasure
A friend I could come to as both of us aged
Wild, and not knowing that freedom's a treasure
The city's a prison, but you were uncaged
So how could they leave you to live with your freedom
To share time and silence with one quiet boy?
For all things of beauty, they could not believe in
They could not conceive, so they had to destroy

I saw them laughing and running together
Clutching the red stones and chanting my name
Jeering and joking they left me forever
To search for the meaning, to carry the shame
For I found you broken, battered and bleeding
Someone found me wandering late in the night
And all I could ask him was, how could it happen,
And why should it happen and who could I fight?

My father came calling me, angry and frightened
And, as I cried constantly, he was afraid
Quietly telling me that I was growing to
Live in the world as the world had been made
But could I believe in the love he had promised
The dream he had painted in which I could live?
If somebody smashes the love that you offer
There's less that you show and there's less you can give

And I still remember how we played together, now
You in the water and me on the land
But it's been so hard not to carry the hatred
And, try though I have, I still can't understand

Source: transcription from Harvey Andrews 'Friends of Mine'