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Posted By: JeffB
15-Jun-09 - 10:18 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Banks of Sweet Primroses - additional
Subject: RE: Req:Additional verses for Banks of Sweet Primroses
I had the opportunity recently to look through Baring Gould's "Songs of the West Country" and found a few verses which are variants of those usually sung.

2   With three long steps I stepp-ed up to her
    not knowing her as she past me by.
    I stepped up to her, I was thinking to woo her,
    and ask the reason why she did cry.

3   "Oh where are you going, my pretty maiden,
    oh where are you going on this lonely way?
    I'll make you as happy as any fine lady
    if you would but answer me with a yea."

The tune was different too, in 6/8 I think.

Like many another, I felt that some verses were missing, so after the "lonesome valley" verse I sing :-

    With flattering words I did persuade her,
    saying "What I spoke was surely meant in jest,
    for there's none but you that I love better
    and because of you my mind can take no rest."

    We both sat down among the flowers
    and I did promise to be kind and true.
    There on the banks of the sweet primroses
    my love did for me all that love can do.