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Posted By: GUEST,zpivat
15-Jun-09 - 05:50 PM
Thread Name: Sigma Guitars
Subject: RE: sigma guitars
I've been playing for 15 years, and bought a 1973 DR-7 a year ago from its first owner, with S/N starting by 73XXXX. I love the feeling of this guitar and will take good care of it to keep it forever.

Its plastic nut was dying from aging, it had a adjustable bridge with 2 metal pins on the extremities. All laminate, but with very nice woods, i believe the sides to be brazilian rosewood, color is really chocolate and veins are stunning. Back is more red, so probably indian rosewood, with a dark part, probably meaning it was taken from the center of the tree, which as i've read is a very good point. Spruce top is with very close veins. Visually all woods are exceptionnal and no crack at all. It has crappy tuner. I wonder if the all laminate construction isn't making this guitar even more martin voiced than a martin, if that makes sense to anyone.

I had nut replaced, and adjustable bridge removed and replaced by tusq directly in contact with the table, action was high so bridge was a little shaved down too, all done by a luthier. I later had a seymour mag mic installed in it and changed the pins (4 low to tusq, 2 high to ebony). i'll soon change tuners and fit a strap pin on the basis of the neck to make it fully playable on stage.

One important fact the luthier told me is that the frets are probably glued with epoxy as it was usual at this period on cheap guitars, which could make replacement of frets very hard. Any feedback on this point from other sigma owners is more than welcome as it could be a serious drawback on the sigmas.

I put martin red SP on it, don't put lighter strings if you want to hear the wood sing. V shaped neck is a bit tricky at first. This guitar is hard to play and needs to be attacked heavily to give its best. I would not advise it to a begginer but consider it like a pure gemn, especially for my muddy pentatonic blues style.