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Posted By: Little Robyn
16-Jun-09 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Show Us Your Haggis? / The Haggis
Subject: RE: Show Us Your Haggis
I'm still trying to work it out - I did try headphones but they didn't help much. Anyway, here are a few more words filled in.

V2 From Land's End to Johnny Groats from .... to the sea,
Just take the..... to me
Then we would walk right .....this song today
Oh what fun it is to do the haggis all the way.

V3 With Bonny Charlie's raised right arm and left foot too we see
The haggis was invented now for all the world to see,
Your sister and your Mummy, your Aunty Mary too,
Now raise your arms and cock your legs and shout Och Aye the noo.

V4 For Picts and Celts and Jacobites, for Bruce and Wallace too,
............the kilt for me and you,
These words have.......
That fifty thousand Picts and Celts deserve to stand and stay

V5 Oh, when we lose at football or when we........
We don't get too disheartened we just don our haggis gear
But if you think the nation's great, just remember this
When we score ......

But there must be some Scots out there who can fill in the rest.