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Posted By: Barry Finn
16-Jun-09 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Early in the Mornin' (prison work song)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Prison Work Song
You're very welcome but I have no letters attached after my name.

BTW, the "Early In The Morning " (you may have to scroll up a bit) song that Ken & I both do is a double cross cutting song, the fastest of the prison worksong. You might want to give that one a listen just to compare the differences between the 2 songs.

Where logging the axe comes down between the legs making the arc that the blade traves longer the cross cut is a sideways swing into a standing tree in order to fell the tree. The "double" comes in when instead of 4 men standing at the 4 compass points around the tree you have 8 man at the same compass points so the doubled up men are working back to back swing in opposite directions & as one swings into the tree the opposite is bring the axe back out> If they struck together, no problem but whenb they both brought the axes back out their axes would cross & clash. Newbies wen't allowed to just get in on the action, they had to be brought along so that they would learn the ropes in order to survive mishaps.
So the beat bewteen a cross cut doubles in tempo when you double cross cut