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Posted By: jeddy
18-Jun-09 - 08:07 PM
Thread Name: Folk Against Fascism
Subject: RE: Folk Against Fascism
jim, i agree that people can take take things too far.. flipant example, we are or were into animal rights and someone started to sing dog in a microwave, some people thought that we might get upset over this, the truth is it's one of the funniest song i have ever heard.
the same as songs about fox hunting and whaling, if we got upset about every song that wouldn't fit into todays society then we would have very little to sing, although it would take out the "i don't know the words " problem. lol so maybe it's an option!!??
old folk songs are not about the people today they are reminding us of a different time with different values.
we should never lose sight of where we as a nation come from.
how can we improve our future without knowing the mistakes made in the past?

i don't see how we can put some of our political differences aside though,when you know that the person you are singing with, wishes to destroy all you hold dear, i think some differences are just too big to ignored and swept aside by singing together.
although i think music brings people together and creates , if only for the evening a sense of family and belonging.

much like i feel coming on here, we may argue amongst ourselves but when an outsider comes on and starts attacking people we stick together, dmr? of course anyone is welcome. but it is how they are recieved that makes the difference.

thankyou for accepting me and on the whole making me welcome, i know i have been accepted when people start taking the piss!!!

take care all and have a wonderful night

jade x x