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Posted By: mg
19-Jun-09 - 01:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Plastic Paddy slur
Subject: BS: Plastic Paddy slur
This is on another thread but I will just start a new one and then do more important things. Anyway, I think that it is definitely a nasty mean thing to say, the song Eric Bogle wrote is nasty and mean and a person could probably not use the term in a respectful, nondemeaning manner. I don't care if it is about the pubs rather than the people who frequent them, or sing in them or run them.   I don't care if it is about sports teams. It is a term that is meant to offend and it does, and not just us, who might enjoy singing the Black Velvet Band now and then, but to our ancestors, who lost a lot of their Irish heritage when they emigrated, but a little bit remained. I have only in the last two years found out the names of my Irish great grandparents..I knew only the last names of two..knew nothing of where they were from, how they got here etc. So when you insult me, and I probably would qualify for the term, you insult my unknown, unnamed ancestors as well and I would not do that to anyone else..Plastic Peruvians? How does that sound?

Anyway, what is going on in the world now is so important, that I shall have to come back to this later. But if any Plastic Paddies could join me in rousing renditions of wearing of the green, get green ring tones on your phone, wear green, especially on Sat. 4 p.m. Iranian time whenever that is...set facebook background to green, vote in the Google request.. I know there are people here in Ireland, Australia...all over the world who could each make a tiny