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Posted By: Piers Plowman
20-Jun-09 - 06:03 AM
Thread Name: finger-squeaks revisited
Subject: RE: finger-squeaks revisited
I don't worry about it. If they squeak, they squeak. I haven't actually noticed it very much lately.

People aren't machines and instruments aren't, either. Well, actually they are, but they aren't perfect. Making a real instrument (as opposed to an electronic imitation) is a matter of compromise and I believe that part of the art of playing an instrument is learning to play within its limitations. Guitar strings sometimes squeak, harmonica reeds sometimes stick, high notes on a trumpet are sometimes missed. So what?

I can see that it would be important for recording, since no one wants to hear the same squeak 100 times.

Subject: RE: finger-squeaks revisited
From: GUEST,leeneia - PM
Date: 20 Jun 09 - 01:39 AM

"[...] Example: a recording of a flute player making that soft, hishing sound when taking in a breath."

My singing teacher told me to imagine I was breathing in through my ears to avoid making noise when inhaling, if I was having trouble.

Talcum powder is about as far as I would go; I definitely wouldn't use any solvents, which would be absorbed into the skin.