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Posted By: Dave Roberts
22-Jun-09 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Nobody's Moggy Now (Eric Bogle)^^^
Subject: RE: 'Nobody's Moggy Now' - Bogle^^^
I did hear somewhere that Eric B is actually quite fond of cats. So am I.
This song is not one of Eric's best, in my opinion, but reasonably funny as long as you keep a sense of proportion.
I've always found people who really 'hate' cats very odd.
I've had devout Christians explaining to me at length why cats should not be allowed to exist because they're 'cruel' and kill birds and mice
etc. All other species which behave in a similar (or infinitely worse) manner seem to be exempt from this criticism.
Go figure - to use that most cringingly awful of current trendy expressions.
But why waste your time 'hating' small furry creatures when there are many many things on this earth far more worthy of hatred?
I've spent many hours in the company of cats and found them most agreeable companions. The late comedy genius Bob Monkhouse once said that he never met a cat he didn't like. Neither did I, and I certainly can't apply the same principle to the human race.