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Posted By: Bob Bolton
27-Jul-00 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Parson & the Clerk - Australian
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Parson & the Clerk - Australian
G'day Patrish and Anglo,

I will set the text into the music program and either screen grab (if res is sufficient) or scan in a printout ... either way, I'll use TIFF as the final since that is fine with Windows and seems to be the only acceptable format to the Mac-inclined.

I'll do that when I get home.

BTW: Patrish, It would have been 23.36 when I posted the second time. I am in Sydney and we are back on God's time, it being mid-winter. I presume your current time is Daylight Saving.

Also BTW: Anglo - Is your handle representing nationality, inclination or concertina preference? I play, inter alia Anglo concertinas (bush traditonal 20 or 22 key, not the 30+ Anglo-chromatic).


Bob Bolton