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Posted By: Jack Campin
23-Jun-09 - 08:02 PM
Thread Name: Three Hole Pipes
Subject: RE: Three Hole Pipes
Problem with these things: the Generation is the cheapest. The Susato in high D is not much more expensive. But both of them are so high in pitch you won't be able to stand the sound long enough to learn to play it properly.

Practicing needs a much larger instrument, which comes to a lot more money.

On the other hand the high pitches are exactly what you want when playing outdoors in a public space.

There aren't many instruments where the expensive one is the one you leave at home.

I've tinkering around with a Moldavian kaval over the last year. It's similar to a 3-hole pipe in that you mainly play it in higher harmonics (though it has five holes). But it's the size of an alto flute and soft enough that you can play it for hours and not bother the neighbours (or, in its original application, your flock of sheep).

András Hodorog
Ádám Török

You often find three-hole pipes that size depicted in late mediaeval art.