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Posted By: Backwoodsman
24-Jun-09 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: Worn down fingernail frustration!
Subject: RE: Worn down fingernail frustration!
I've tried every kind of fingerpick known to man (including Alaskapiks and Propiks) and found them all poor, in varying degrees.

Three main problems -
1) With the type that come upwards over the finger-end (the 'standard' type, if you like), you can't feel the strings so accuracy isn't easy to achieve.
2) Even with Propiks, which have a 'hole' in them which is supposed to allow flesh-contact with the string, they still sound tinny and metallic.
3) Those little b*****ds have an annoying habit of losing themselves, or falling off in the middle of a piece, or they fall on the floor and some great village-idiot stomps on them with his size-twelves and buggers them.

I re-quote myself - "Fibreglass wraps & Gel - The True Path!"

IMHO of course, YMMV! :-)