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Posted By: Jack Campin
24-Jun-09 - 10:32 AM
Thread Name: how far can you tune strings on a banjo?
Subject: RE: how far can you tune strings on a banjo?
What happens AFTER you've retuned it?

I play the cumbus (Turkish twelve-string fretless banjo). I have twice lent it to people who turned out to be idiots and retuned it. One was an Irish player who retuned it in fifths like a bouzouki and the other was trying to learn the Arabic oud and retuned it basically down a fourth. It was a miracle it didn't break from what the Irish guy did to it, and you'd have thought the Arabic-music wonk would have realized there was something wrong when it felt like strumming wet spaghetti and the neck angle shifted so the strings buzzed at the bottom of the fingerboard.

It took about a week before it would stay in tune properly after the Arabic player and about three weeks after the Irish one.